Sarawak Beef Noodles @ Damansara Uptown

My buddy recommended this Kuching-origin Nuromen Cafe at Damansara Uptown. They specialise in Sarawak Beef Noodles, particularly Kolo Mee. To most Klang Valley residents (or maybe just me and my circle of family/friends), Kolo Mee has traditionally been served with char siew and minced pork. That is why I was curious about what “Sarawak Beef Noodles” is all about. To my pleasant surprise, this dish is rather unique and a must-try if you are in the Damansara Uptown area.

Sarawak Beef Noodles @ Nuromen Cafe, Damansara Uptown:

In their menu, there are 4 options ranging from RM9.00 to RM12.90. All 4 options come with the base Garlic Kolo Mee and Beef Soup that comes with Stewed Beef. Add ons include Beef Tripe, Tendon, Minched Beef and Fresh Beef.

Since it is my first visit, I opted for the Special that has everything – Garlic Kolo Mee, Stewed Beef, Fresh Beef, Tripe, Tendon, Tripe Minced Beef and Beef Soup; priced at RM12.90.

Here is what I like about Nuromen’s Sarawak Beef Noodles:

  • The garlicky Kolo Mee is really flavourful. Very strong garlic taste which pairs really well with the beef soup. I really enjoyed the bowl of garlic noodles.
  • Beef Soup is light, yet very flavourful. Does not have that overpowering beef aroma. You can request to refill the soup, which I did!
  • The beef parts are tasty, and overall mixes really well with the noodles.

  • Their Chilli! They have 2 versions and I absolutely loved both of them!
    • Beef Noodles Chilli – Sweet, Tangy and Mildly Spicy. Perfect to dip the Beef slices, tendons!
    • Spicy Chilli Flakes – Lovely addition to the bowl of garlic kolo mee. Epic.

Once again, perfect combination of the noodles, soup, meat and chilli. The restaurant (or cafe as they call themselves) is very comfortable and has a contemporary interior. It’s air-conditioned so you can enjoy a frugalicious meal comfortably in Malaysia’s unforgiving warm weather.

Nuromen Cafe is located at Damansara Uptown, same row as Standard Chartered Bank. Parking is always challenging during weekdays here, so you can opt to park in Starling Mall and walk over through the Damansara Uptown Parking instead.

28, Jalan SS21/39 Uptown, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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