Pork Noodles Soup @ USJ, Subang Jaya

How do we define a good bowl of pork noodles soup? Texture of the noodles? The tenderness of the meat? Of course, it’s all subjective but to me, the soup is the most important element of all.

It was a rainy morning and I was driving around Subang Jaya. My stomach was hungry for something soupy, and my wife suggested that we take a trip down memory lane… to a stall that we used to go during our dating days.

The pork noodles stall is located at De Happy Land Restaurant, USJ. Get the address and stall’s picture at the end of this post. But first, let’s focus on the bowl of pork noodles.

Why I enjoy this bowl of pork noodles soup:

  • Soup is tasty, not too thick nor too thin. It has that ‘sweetness of pork’ melted into it. Break the extra poached egg* and watch the golden egg yolk ooze out into the soup 🙂
  • Hor Fun’s texture is soft and smooth.
  • Comes with the awesomeness of Fried Pork Lard (Chu Yau Char), pork intestine, minced and lean pork slices. Lean Pork slices are quite tender, so it doesn’t give that dry texture.

*Personal favourite tip: Request to add an egg to your order because it gives the soup an extra layer of texture.

Mixing all these elements together, strikes a good balance for a delicious bowl of pork noodles soup. Perfect comfort food for a rainy day.

The price has definitely increased from our previous visit 5 years ago. However, it’s still below RM10 for a decent meal, especially in Klang Valley… so it’s definitely within my frugal lunch budget.

Personally, a small (RM7) portion is just nice for lunch because the ratio of the noodles + soup is well balanced – I tend to finish up the soup most of the time. If you prefer to have a bigger portion of noodles, paying the extra RM1 difference won’t hurt your wallet, but I’d rather spend that RM1 to add the extra egg 🙂

So if you are in the Subang Jaya area, looking for a bowl of cheap and good bowl of pork noodles soup, give it a try at De Happy Land Restaurant, USJ, Subang Jaya.

11, Jalan USJ 14/1l, Usj 14, 47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor


Or you can search De Happy Land Restaurant in Waze.

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