Nasi Kukus Lejen @ Damansara Uptown

My brother in law knows I love spicy food, so he recommended that I try Nasi Kukus Lejen at Damansara Uptown. He warned me that the heat level is on the high side, but should be right up my alley. Nasi Kukus Lejen @ Damansara Utama is located at Damansara Uptown, same row as the The Ship Damansara. It is quite challenging to find a parking spot at Damansara Uptown during lunch hours on a weekday, so a recommended option is to park in Starling Mall (1st hour parking is free), and walk out from the mall’s side entrance (next to Daiso).

It’s a self service restaurant, so walk up to the counter and place your order with their friendly staff. The nice lady recommended that I try their Nasi Kukus Ayam Goreng Berempah. 

And so I did…

My brother in law was right. The heat level of the sambal is perfect for spicy food lovers!!! It wasn’t just numbing spicy, but also very flavourful at the same time.

What I like about this dish:

  • Sambal is heavenly spicy – WARNING: Not for those who cannot even tolerate mild spicy food.
  • The pineapple cubes add sweetness to the dish.

The ayam goreng berempah itself didn’t quite hit the mark for me. Or maybe that’s because I was too busy enjoying the sambal, that the ayam goreng berempah didn’t quite matter to me.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this dish because of the sambal. A flavourful, spicy and budget dish for only RM7.00… a truly frugalicious meal in my books! If you are hunting for cheap and good Malay food in Damansara Uptown, give Nasi Kukus Lejen a try.

3, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/56B, Damansara Utama, 47000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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